what to wear


one of the most asked questions by my clients is “what should i wear?” wardrobe can make or break a session and i want to help you with this aspect of your session just as i would with the other portions. once you have booked your session you will be sent my style guide to look over - this covers topics such as coordinating, how to add depth to your outfits, general tips and a link to look at all the options for women in my client closet. included in this style guide is links to my favorite places to shop for your session - there is a range of different shops listed and they all have unique styles to choose from.

- some shops I love -




if you are needed some inspiration for your session i have also created pinterest boards for sping/summer, fall/winter and lifestyle sessions so you can get an even better idea about what might work for your special session.

head over to my pinterest to look at the boards & get inspired!