life is a collection of moments


Hello! I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my photography, it means so very much to me. I strive to always create authentic art and tell your story THROUGH my images. My style of photography is personal. It is about telling your story and capturing feelings. I want you to look back on your images remembering all the little details, the hugs, the love, the cuddles and those intimate connections. I will not be asking people to "cheese" or smile for my camera often during our session because I want you to look at you significant other, your little one(s) or your beautiful surroundings. I try my best to get one or two traditional portraits but as you will see looking at my work - it is not what moves me the most. Your story moves me, your interactions, the songs you sing to your little boy, the way you twirl with your little girl OR the way you smile when your lover embraces you. If you are ready for aN adventure, exploring and cuddling - I am the girl you want to capture your sweet time together.



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