I could write a whole lot about myself on this page but I figured I should share some of my favorite photos of me + my family. I will cover the bases about myself before I share some of my favorite images. I have spent 29 years on this earth and they have been full of love + lessons. I am happily married to my best friend Stewart and we have one beautiful daughter Isabella. Some of my favorite things are winter time, good books, crafts, painting, twinkle lights, Halloween, Christmas, shortbread cookies, sitting by a cozy fireplace, movies, music and photography (that's a given though right?!)

I will never stop practicing my art and trying to learn more about what I love. I like to refer to my type of photography as "emotive photography" I love naturally posed photos where my clients fall into these dreamy natural connections with their loved ones. I chase natural light instead of using any flash photography. I live for golden hour for my outdoor shoots and morning light for my lifestyle sessions. Light can bring so much emotion to a photo and I love finding the light during my sessions. I try to take the photos of your family that I want of my family.

I hope that gives you a little insight into who I am. Below are some of my favorite photos of me + my family. I think photos can speak more about someone then words do and I hope these speak miles about what I love and who I am.